1. At thirty, Lilah decided to return to the womb.
  2. She built a geodesic dome in the forest with a wood burning stove.
  3. She bought an old record player and a record called “Sounds of the Humpback Whale”.
  4. She played it so much, she was left alone in her womb.
  5. She thought that the record was good plant music for her zucchini garden.
  6. The ferns inside the dome also responded to the whale calls.
  7. Every month Lilah blessed her plants with blood from her own womb.
  8. Studies have shown that women on their periods have a lower voice.
  9. Lilah has a lower voice from smoking a lot of marijuana.
  10. For a while, Lilah lost her voice after a bomb explosion.
  11. Lilah’s friend Sarah had been wiring the bomb.
  12. Lilah and Sarah had been practicing wargasm.
  13. They were working to liberate the world from evil.
  14. In the ocean, the voices of blue whales have been lowering over the past forty years.
  15. Lilah wants the whales to be liberated.
  16. Lilah has not liberated anyone.
  17. When Sarah was with Lilah, she wrote communiques.
  18. Much of the whale song is too low to be heard by the human ear.
  19. Only male humpback and blue whales have ever been recorded singing.
  20. They compete for females.
  21. Some scientists believe whale males are getting deeper voices to sound more male.
  22. Lilah’s brother lost the lower half of his body and his genitals in the Vietnam War.
  23. 1967.
  24. His name was Tobias.
  25. Tobias’ and Lilah’s parents were not the kind of people to contradict a president.
  26. In the cell house, the bomb that Sarah was building exploded and part of a beam pierced Sarah’s pelvis, splitting her womb.
  27. Lilah escaped the building with a bleeding throat.
  28. When they were in college, Sarah talked to Lilah about the government appropriating their bodies, their voices.
  29. In 1967 Lilah and Sarah talked about liberation of the pussy.
  30. Only now does the president abhor violence on the fetus while promoting violence on the pussy.
  31. The male blue whale is the loudest animal in the world and can sing up to 188 decibels which is painful to the human ear.
  32. Lilah’s womb is an echo chamber.
  33. Singing below what some people can hear.
  34. Singing so loudly that eardrums burst and bleed.
  35. It wasn’t the government who didn’t listen.
  36. It was the people.
  37. The question should be, which bombs are the ones that people can hear?
  38. You cannot make anyone listen.
  39. Lilah decided to turn off the lights.
  40. Turn up the speakers to the whale song.
  41. Put more wood into the fire.
  42. Shut the door to the dome.
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