Morning With Violet

Violet twirls her hair at night, and this morning she had a pretty gnarly dread next to her face.

I was doing my hair, and she was getting into stuff in my vanity per usual. She had a large mustache of dried carrot juice on her upper lip.

She put one of those old school pink hair curlers in her hair and without clipping it, just wrapped her hair in a giant wasp’s nest on the top of her head.

“Why don’t I help you take out that curler?” I said. “You have a big tangle I need to get out of your hair.”

“Um, but ACTUALLY, I look pretty spec-takoolar,” she said.

Then she asked if she could help me do some yard work. I asked her to help me pick up some fallen yucca leaves. She picked up five, then said, “ACTUALLY, I’m pretty exhausted.”


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