A Veritable Bean Feast

This morning Hazel dumped a huge amount of hand soap on to the chair and carpet in the girls’ bedroom. It was so bad that we had to rent a steam cleaner to get it up. Jack was just putting the steam cleaner back in the car and I was doing the dishes when I found that Hazel had gotten ahold of a whole tub of Vaseline and smeared it over everything in her room. She was calling it “glue” and sticking toys to the wall with it.

You’d think that she wouldn’t have gotten much out of us for the rest of the day, and she got very little patience from me. But when she told Jack she wanted “Pink Chocolate Mousse” he said, “Sure.” He went to the store, made a Raspberry Puree (the kind you buy from a second hand store…jk) and made it for them.

Of course, when it was done, she whined that it wasn’t “hot” enough.

Veruca Salt much?

I’m still a little sad I didn’t think of making Hazel be the childhood Margot Tenenbaum for Halloween this year before I bought her a giraffe costume.




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3 Responses to A Veritable Bean Feast

  1. Lala says:

    Wow. That girl is tough business.

  2. Auntie G says:

    Ah, yes! This reminds me of things I heard about other people in her family; decorating the walls of the bedroom with tampon AKA “patty-ka-boomers”-you know, kinda like party poppers? Making baby powder pies with baby powder and water, rubbing a whole stick of butter into the carpet as finger paint. Yes, very fun for kids, not fun at all for mom and dad. What a crazy day over there. The mousse looks gorgeous-hot or not! lol.

  3. evelyn matthew says:

    I remember a little guy that stored his giant lint ball collection in the rafters! How the heck did a little guy get up in the rafters and what inspired him to collect lint? What was he building that required power tools? Why did he not clean up the saw dust left behind? Yikes, I did my best to remain calm and maybe that is why he makes“Pink Chocolate Mousse” for the little gals.

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