Difficult and Gooey

My mom usually comes out here every Friday to help me out and visit with the girls. Her namesake, Hazel Jean is especially fond of “Gamma”. But my mom’s in New York this week visiting my sister and her son Rollie.

Today, Hazel took the Grandma doll and the little boy doll from her dollhouse and the play conversation between them went like this:

“I’m Grandma. I’m here to visit you far away Rollie…..Hi Grandma!….Hi Rollie. I am visiting you and NOT Hazel Jean.”

In other late-breaking news of import, I tried to put on “Bedknobs and Broomsticks” for them tonight and she threw a tantrum and called the movie “too difficult and gooey”. I wonder if Ebert ever described a movie that way.

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