A Homophonic Punderstanding (okay, that’s technically a portmanteau)

I took the kids to Children’s Fairyland in Oakland today to escape the San Francisco summer fog.

I gave them 50 cents each to purchase something at the park store. They both wanted tiny rubbery lizards. Sold.

We were following the painted “Yellow Brick Road” path to the Emerald City stage when I started to sing “We’re off to see the Lizard, the wonderful Lizard of Oz”. (Lame, I know.)

But Violet got it! She laughed! She gets a whole new very important category of jokes!

Also, despite the fact that Violet got ahold of an entire jar of Vicks Vaporub, and rubbed it into her her hair as well as her sister’s last night (so glad they didn’t eat it or get it in their eyes….that room was lung gaspingly MENTHOLATED!), I was reminded that even though I have it hard, I have it easy.

We ate lunch next to a grandmother who has full custody of her autistic child. You could tell she cared so much, but she had very little means to help his needs. She asked if I had a man around. I was so happy to tell her yes, I have a great husband who is a fantastic dad.

Portmantotally grateful moment.

Note to self, try to record Hazel’s first very own song; lyrics: “It’s a happy daaaaaaay, it’s a happy daaaaaay.”

It’s so much better when she says that instead of saying to me out of the blue, “It’s all your fault!

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2 Responses to A Homophonic Punderstanding (okay, that’s technically a portmanteau)

  1. Jack says:

    Ahhhh life. Nice post.

  2. Auntie G says:

    Record the singing for sure. Remember when Violet would sing "All of my life, all of my life". I love when the girls sing. Love it.

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