Note to self: Use the word “twerp” more.

Also, 98% of the time, whatever music is right for Jazzercise is wrong for yoga, but sometimes there is an inspirational story from Cyndi Lauper that might make the cut.

To remember:

“Violet, we just watched E.T., was it too scary?”


“What was your favorite part about it? (please don’t say E.T. drinking beer or “penis breath”….. Maybe the candy? E.T. hiding amongst stuffed animals? The flowers coming back to life? The bikes flying in front of the moon? The quips of a pre-rehab Drew Barrymore?)”

Answer: “The sick alien who was dead.”

Awesome. Friday night slam dunk.

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1 Response to Tidbits

  1. Lala says:

    Haha- incredible!

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