I Need Kairos Time

I need it in a strictly Grecian, pre-Christian theology way, for sure, but definitely some quality Kairos is needed.

Because I am not relishing the moments today. Today is a day that I wonder why I have nice clothes with nowhere to wear them, and why I went to college when all I do is clean up fecal matter, and why I ruined some of the last years of fairly good skin elasticity repeatedly telling children not to spit their beverages into carefully prepared organic vegetarian protein and nutrient rich food tailored to their mercurial tastes.

If I hear one more woman tell me to “Just wait! It only gets harder!!!”, I swear I will turn lycanthropic and tear their jugulars out with my bare teeth.

And this: Carpe Diem


It’s completely like the fairy in “Labyrinth” biting Sarah’s (aka MY) hand. Except all the time. Every day. And not just biting, but spitting. And pooping. And jumping up with all her force right under Sarah’s (aka MY) jaw bone. But with more force than a fairy could muster. But otherwise, just like that. Except without any flying. And there’s no Hoggle around. And definitely no David Bowies.

Okay enough. Please do not let me dream about screaming children in 1/2 an hour. Please let me dream about being in a beach cottage in Bolinas ALONE.


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1 Response to I Need Kairos Time

  1. Sometimes I feel like that lady who had all that garbage on her back in Labyrinth…”The Junk Lady”. Those times are not my favorites.
    Hope you had beachy dreams!

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