And things

My sister is sad and she is brilliant.

I am a wishy-washy-ennui person and I am mediocre.

Violet and Hazel are the most beautiful, gorgeous things and they are insane and out-of-control and delightful and horrid.

My rabbits went missing but were spared by hawks and lured by food.

My dog ate an un-identfiyible substance that sort of looks like grapes or olives, except there are no plants that look like grapes or olives or seeds in the backyard or fridge and she’s been vomiting in my bed and all over the furniture and carpets for 24 hours.

We put on a 1ook retail worth benefit auction/show for an effing preschool yesterday. San Francisco.

I spilled half a bottle of shoe polish on the carpet in our bedroom. Yay.

I watched the Oscars, but I haven’t seen a movie in a theater since “The Informant”, in which the en-utero Violet decided to shove her toes into my ribcage and I spent the entire movie lying sideways on Charlie’s lap area to avoid the pain. Still, overall, I thought it was the best produced show in years. Classy set, nice performances, and on time. Only overly wince-fromage factor was Babs in her “Memories” egregious Salute. Port…salute…to… dead people. That’s some stinky cheese.

Love to all of my loved ones who are hurting.

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2 Responses to And things

  1. Jack says:

    Well done.

  2. aj says:

    And love back to you, dear Allison.

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