So Violet has another re-occuring nightmare. The gist of it is that she turns into a Saltine Cracker. What am I supposed to say to counter this? I tell her that she’s safe, that she’s not a cracker, that I will protect her, and there are no giant bowls of clam chowder around. Nothing is working!

In other news, Hazel saw a penis for the first time yesterday. I was babysitting a friend’s kid who is three days younger than she is.

“Momma, is it?” she asked as I repackaged his nether regions into a clean diaper.

“Well,” I said, “boys and girls have different bottoms.”

She took another look and wailed, “OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” fell backward and cried inconsolably.

Saltines and Penises. This week’s difficulties.

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