Feminism +

Got into a small online discussion with my mom about the origins of her (as perceived by me) “feminism”. Like many women, she eschews the feminist label and told me she views herself more as an “obstreperous individualist”.

I have no issues with being called a “feminist”, but “obstreperous individualist’? Oh, I am so adding that to my bag of identity nouns.

And now for something completely different; tidbits I don’t want to forget from today:

Hazie is so cute. We have the “clean up song” and I love how she sings “Heen Up!, Heen Up!”, while putting away Legos.
Violet is hilarious. The Lego honey pots that go with the Lego Pooh Bear set have been interpreted by her as being potties filled with pee. She spent another sick day building elaborate bathrooms and lining up all the figures to go potty.

And now for something completely different; why haven’t I read “The Adventures of Kavalier & Clay” before now?

It’s fabulous. I’m liking it so much more than Chabon’s “Wonder Boys”. If only I could figure out how to keep the action speeding along in my book project the way he does….

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