Au Revoir, Les Araignées

I just spent the morning taking down all of our Halloween decorations from out front. Jack couldn’t help as he broke his shoulder. Yes, turns out that child safety gates aren’t always safe.

Anyway, it’s been beautiful and hot the last few days, which made the old jack o’ lanterns into disgusting, mushy, inner-city mega public housing units for the ickiest flies and earwigs. Tré Halloween.

As I was taking down our skeletons, bats, and spiderwebs, tiny kids from the Soccertots program and their parents were walking back up our street to their parked cars.

An excited little boy, who looked to be about 2 began exclaiming in French at all of the decor.

“Les araignées! Les araignées!”.

I turned around to smile and then saw his dad, decked out in fluorescent shades and a tee-shirt with GIANT gold letters that read, “DON’T BE A PUSSY GIRL”.

Now, I’m hardly old-fashioned. (Except when it comes to writing thank you notes, and at that point, I’m more militant than Emily Post.)

And, viva San Francisco. Go free speech. But come on!!!! Do you really think “DON’T BE A PUSSY GIRL” is a healthy message to be flashing around at a toddler soccer program? I mean, if you HAVE to wear it, can’t you at least wait until the “crazy” end of the year pizza party?

Mon dieu.

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