Halloween, Pt. 2

Well, we ended up having fun trick-or-treating. Thankfully, there was no mention of “Modern Family”, and Violet really hammed it up for everyone saying “De plane! De plane!”, so even though it rained a bit, times were good.

We did go across the street to a house with neighbors I hadn’t met before. As soon as they opened the door, a huge plume of pot smoke came flowing out and it seemed to be a house of middle-aged Wiccan women. They were so intrigued by Violet as Herve Villechaize and taking pictures of her on the porch, that it was hard to kindly back away.

By the time I got to our neighbor Dabney’s house, whose porch was filled with children, she looked at me and said, “Do you smell that?”

“Yeah I know. It’s like a Bob Marley concert out here.”

“It’s not us!!!! It’s not us!!!”, she pleaded to a new group of kids and parents walking up to her house.

Anyway, my favorite costumed kid of the night (besides my own pink monster and Tattoo) was our beautiful transgender neighbor child who came to our house very dolled up as Little Red Riding Hood with a lacey red cape.

Jack was definitely a nerd fan of the Star Trek kids. One girl came as “Jane T. Kirk”, from uber-geeky-parallel-universe-Trekkie-fan fiction, as well as a prepubescent Spock who announced in place of “Trick or Treat”,”It is an earth custom to say ‘Happy Halloween'”.

I’m so glad we saved watching Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows” for last night. We usually watch “Rocky Horror” on t.v. after nine when it’s just weirdly dressed high-school kids that are coming to the door, but this year I was frankly Frankenfurtered out.

I’d been disappointed with Tim Burton lately. “Alice in Wonderland”, one of my favorite stories, was a travesty. I’ve never seen an episode of the original “Dark Shadows” series, though the mansion where it was filmed is up the street from my sister’s house, and the “This American Life” episode where the guy goes to the Dark Shadows convention is fantastic.

But I loved the movie. I mean, there’s no depth to it or anything, but there doesn’t need to be. I think Burton and Depp got the campiness level just right, and it was funny and dark and great. I still hate Alice Cooper though. But the sound track with The Raspberries and The Moody Blues made up for him. It was a perfect Halloween movie for me, as I can’t stand horror/slasher/high suspense movies, although I love “The Walking Dead”… I don’t know. I guess the psychological and human nature aspects of it outweigh the suspense and gore portions for me.

So, it was a pretty good Halloween night. So glad I’m not my brother trying to do the 3 hour commute on a borrowed bike to get to work from Brooklyn to Manhattan today, although I could definitely use the exercise as I ate about 1000 Reeses’ peanut butter cups over the last week. Huge weakness for me. The amount of orange wrappers in our kitchen garbage can is truly wince-worthy.

Violet made up a new song this morning with the lyrics, “TV and candy all the time!”

No way kid. We are back to our regularly scheduled program….at least until your birthday…and then Thanksgiving…and then the insanity of Christmas. Oh man, I need to survive on water and possibly one Tic Tac for the next week or so.

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1 Response to Halloween, Pt. 2

  1. Jack says:

    Ohhh noooooo! TV And Candy All The Time! I think we’ll put it to a backing track this weekend. Needs a few more lyrics.

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