The Best Part

There are some moments that can’t be documented. There are no statisticians with figures behind these parts of time. They slip into the past seemingly, unnoticed.

Whether it’s a big thing like a million-plus people all screaming into the fog and shooting out fireworks in some sort of effort to seem triumphant and together;

or it’s the fact that today Violet pronounced her drink “lemolade”, and we probably won’t notice when she gets it right;

or it’s that one indiscernible note within the score, or the flash of the autumn grasses, or the blue eye-shadow on a twelve-year-old in “Moonrise Kingdom”, that gets my big lug of a husband shedding a tear;

there’s no putting your finger on that.

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2 Responses to The Best Part

  1. aj says:

    Love this. ❤

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