What are the chances?

The city is rumbling with Orange fever tonight. And yes, I did actually watch the Giants in a world series game, and yes, I did eat my fill of Reese’s peanut butter cups for the next eon.

Some people are either plugged into the zeitgeist or are plagued by timing. I’m a glass-half-empty type o’ gal myself, so I’m going with the plague theory.

For instance, a few years back, before I was saddled with whining (yet adorable!) children, I took part in a rather large Halloween costume contest after Jack played a show at a very bizarre yacht harbor sort of place in Oakland. I was feeling pretty good as I had put together a very creative handmade costume, transforming myself into a cactus. Why cactus? Couldn’t tell you. No recent news stories influenced my idea. No trips to Joshua Tree. I just wanted an original costume.

And guess what? The final two left standing in the contest were me, AND THE OTHER GIRL DRESSED AS A FREAKING CACTUS. Guess who won? Well, I wasn’t the one who made a cactus costume with giant prickly-pear gazongas to get all the Oakland greaser dudes applauding and coyote howling, I’ll tell you that much.

It’s so depressing to be called a second-runner-up cactus.

As early as this summer, I sent out the makings for Violet’s costume to my besties.

Now Violet isn’t obsessed with princesses or anything, and she couldn’t really articulate any particular thing she wanted to dress up as for Halloween, so I took it as my parent-prerogotive to have a last crack at choosing her costume.

My pal Lomo got what I was hinting at with a tiny white tux, toddler white loafers, a a black bowl cute wig and bow-tie.

My younger sister (not old enough to have watched the really crappy syndicated re-runs) guessed, “Liza Minelli?” Haha. But no.

Lomo emailed out the correct answer, in photo form.

“What IS THAT?” replied my sister.

Anyway, yes, I got together a whole Fantasy Island “Tattoo” ensemble for Violet and have been teaching her to say “De plane! De plane!” for months now. I’ve had the little wig and loafers tucked away just waiting for Halloween night. I even had the fricking suit TAILORED.

And then guess what? Some stupid show called “Modern Family” (which I have never actually seen) goes ahead and rips off my idea. My sisters both contacted me about it. Apparently they put a little girl in a Tattoo costume last night for their Halloween episode.

Oh I just can’t tell you how I’m going to have to force a smile when my neighbors behold Violet trick-or-treating and remark, “Oh, that episode was SOOOOOO FUNNY!!!”

Plagued I tell you.

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2 Responses to What are the chances?

  1. Lala says:

    At least you can say that you have the same ideas as the Emmy award-winning writers for the best comedy on television.

  2. lomo74 says:

    NOOOO. You should carry around the email proving you had the idea AGES ago.

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