Nor-Cal Brah

What an insane weekend.

Started out with us spending 4+ hours waiting for me to get antibiotics from the Santa Rosa emergency room, as I realized on the way up to Guerneville that I definitely had a sinus infection….

Can’t send out photos as we’re still waiting for the magical computer Jack says is coming, but 15 little kids all climbing inside of redwood tree hollows, Hazie screaming the entire way out of the woods and throwing tantrums in the leaves, massive kid fest between the cottages, realizing that smores with toddlers is not fun at all, but just harrowing (dark, pokey metal pokies, fire, etc.).

It was not all bad. I did get a massage and all the adults were nice, and it was fun to watch the kids have such a blast (at one point I found Hazel in the dark, under a bench, with a marshmallow on one side of her cheek, half a mini cupcake in the other side and a semi-masticated cookie in each hand). Plus, it was gorgeous.

There were also cute baby calves at the dairy farm/pumpkin patch in Petaluma that snuggled up to us like puppies with very long eyelashes, and we magically ran into Justin and Miriam and Nico and Luna who also happened to be there. We did the hay bale maze, loaded up the car with pumpkins, then headed to Nick’s Cove in Tomales Bay with Justin, Miriam and family for freshly plucked oysters and champagne.

As the sun was setting and the kids were getting crazy, Jack took all the girls down to the end of the pier at Nick’s. Apparently Hazie said “A Mouse!!!!”, but it was a sea otter, frolicking in the bay.

Please remind me that as much as I love Bolinas and Point Reyes Station and Tomales Bay to never ever ever ever again take the 1 between Stinson and S.F. Excruciatingly terrifying barftown road that makes you feel extra crappy because you can’t enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Note to self: must record both girls trying to pronounce “San Francisco”.

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