Take that NYC!!!

Congrats to Chris Cosentino, (whose restaurant Incanto is a .3 mile walk from our house!) for winning tonight on Top Chef Masters!!!

This is so much bigger to me than the Giants or the 49’ers winning for S.F. I mean, hey, he doesn’t just live here for the season, and he’s not a corporation, and he stands for something so much larger than a home run. He represents a new vision for how we can eat consciously and passionately, which has a huge impact for the world at large.

Even though Chris specializes in offal, and I only eat fish, I feel like he’s SO meat-centered, he almost wraps around to vegetarianism. By that I mean, he is committed to a thoughtful way of eating that encompasses knowing about the source of one’s food, respect for the animal, buying with sustainability and land use in mind, and he seeks to reduce waste. In that way he is more aligned with my values about food than many chefs who might be more vegetarian friendly.

His vision is what the new food movement is all about (even though I won’t be eating beef heart tartare any time soon), and what is so incredible about this city and this neighborhood.

Congrats to our neighbor Chris Cosentino!!!!!

Now Chris, about Incanto’s decor….

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