World Peas

This morning, we did, on the outset, what seemed almost a cliche in prissy Noe Valley hyper-parenting. I taught Violet how to shell local organic english peas.

But it was great. She worked on fine motor skills, found out about more of “nature’s candy”, discovered a tiny bit about where her food comes from and how to appreciate it, and was entertained on the cheap for over half-an- hour. Hazie happily fielded and ate the ones that fell on the floor, which I didn’t mind as I had mopped in recent memory.

It’s sad that a kid shelling peas almost seems like an overwrought joke at first, when kids have been doing the same thing for millennia. It’s sad that our ability to afford and obtain fresh peas in this country makes me feel overprivileged.

Next up; fava beans. Shelling those suckers are so labor intensive, only unpaid child labor makes them worth cooking.

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1 Response to World Peas

  1. Auntie G says:

    Yum…Apples & peas!

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