We went on a walk after our family Father’s Day Brunch.

Here’s a cool entranceway to a building in our neighborhood that I’ve either never noticed, or it’s been recently done.

One thought, one anecdote.

Thought – When you first become a father, it’s very hard to enjoy your Father’s Day brunch Bloody Mary as you must give all of the garnishes (non-boozed soaked) to your offspring to keep them busy until their food comes.

Anecdote – Violet refers to the Catholic Cathedral in our neighborhood as “The Castle”. Today we walked past as church let out. Down the front steps came the priest in a bright green robe and a crazy hat. Violet asked, “Who’s that guy?”. Jack told her, “The Wizard”.


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  1. Auntie G says:

    Wizard indeed! I love that doorway! It’s been there. Last time I took the girls out for a stroller-walk, we saw it. I told them that it was painted just like the salon “Uncle Wade” and I used to work at…Benadette’s. I don’t think they were impressed with that tidbit but Violet did make special note of how much she liked the pink stairs.

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