The Pits

Oh dear reader, I am so sick. Bronchitis/Pre-neumonia is the diagnosis.

I had never heard of “pre-pneumonia” before, but I guess my lungs are in a somewhat latent state of getting sicker? I dunno. But I have antibiotics, and codeine and an inhaler, and hopefully I’ll be better soon.

Violet asked me this morning if I was still sick, and I said “Yes”.

She said, “Did you go to the doctor?

I told her yes, and that I got medicine and soon we would be able to run again.

She said “Where does it hurt?”, and I pointed to my chest.

She started searching around in my shirt.

I said, “No, inside. Under my skin and bones.”

She said, “Oh now I see it!!!”.

She was looking at my armpit.

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1 Response to The Pits

  1. LaLA says:

    Oh lord! It probably hurts you to laugh but I bet you couldn’t help it.

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