The Boy Scouts

I am too ill to go into a major diatribe here, but please consider signing the petition that will go to my nemesis, Randall Stephenson who is one of the National board members for the Boy Scouts of America and tell him that if the Boy Scouts continue their discriminatory practices against Gays, Lesbian, and atheists, they should be denied preferential access to government lands and property.

I actually happen to believe that under the First Amendment, The Boy Scouts, as a private organization, are entitled to be as homophobic and politically incorrect as they want to be. But I applaud the discontinuation of government sponsorship of the Scouts under the establishment clause of the amendment. And I hope that one day the Scouts will reverse their policies, just as the Scouts in Canada and much of Europe have.

My great-grandmother was actually a central figure in the establishment of the Scouting program within the Mormon Church. If she was alive today, I don’t think she’d agree with me, but you never know. A lot has happened culturally in America since she passed in 1980. I do know, however, that she was the kind of person who would applaud me for being a take-charge kind of lady with an opinion of my own.

Also, I would like to be a continual thorn in Randall Stephenson’s side. Our outside phone line is not working AGAIN. An AT&T employee of Mr. Stephenson’s is due at our home sometime today between 2 and 5 p.m. We will see if he/she actually materializes. I wonder if the Scouts have a “basic telephone connectivity badge” that can be earned by all those god-loving, gay-hating little dudes.

If you are with me, please consider signing the online petition directed at Mr. Stephenson to reconsider the discriminatory practices in place within The Boy Scouts.

Thank you. (cough-cough).

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1 Response to The Boy Scouts

  1. Auntie G says:

    Sadly, I missed this first time around…HAPPY to have read it today!
    You are one heck of a FUNNY “take-charge kind of lady with an opinion of your own”, and I thank you for that.

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