First Polish

Okay, before you accuse me of tarting up my toddler, I am sick (as in actually like, coughing up a lung ill), and we are bored, and she begged me.

“Oooh. This fancy,” she said.

And if it looks like a sloppy job, that’s because it is. I don’t recommend operating a salon for 2-year-olds, staffed by one 36-year-old and one one-year-old. Cosmetology license will be revoked forthwith.













Another abomination; I am sick of both girls trying to simultaneously play with my hair. They want to brush it, comb it, put barrettes in it, and generally commit high follicular annoyance and destroyance.

So I caved. Coming via Amazon, perhaps tomorrow, is their first ever Barbie branded item. Slippery slope, here we slide.

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1 Response to First Polish

  1. LaLA says:

    Haha- Annoyance and destroyance- love it!

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