Happy 7th, Sweet Zelda

You bark every time the wind changes, despise walks, pee on my carpet and leave fur all over my pink couch. You hate other dogs, keep me awake at night with your snoring, and I have to keep batting you away even as I type this as you constantly lick my fingers.

People tell me I’m the only person they know who calls their dog and then immediately begins looking for her, as obedience seems to be too much for your lazy, addled brain.

Still, you are incredibly patient with two toddlers who constantly are poking you and putting dish towels on your head, you love your family and friends unconditionally and without reserve, and you can actually bark “I Love You”.

I love you too Zeldy belle. Happy 7th birthday.

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1 Response to Happy 7th, Sweet Zelda

  1. LaLA says:

    Aww. Our family may get bigger, but Zelda will always be our lap-sized love.

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