Cute or Creepy

Item #1 up for debate, Violet’s new Alfred Hitchcock shirt.

Okay, so I know that Hitchcock is a rather macabre figure for a 2-year-old. But said 2-year-old’s mother was a film major, and said 2-year-old LOVES crows (hence said 2-year-old already has a crow puppet) and I just think a little humor on a kid is totally appropriate. Oh, and said 2-year-old’s grandfather once gave an ugly dog to the caretaker of the Hitchcock estate in the Santa Cruz mountains. Does that give any weight to the argument that I believe this shirt definitely falls into the “Cute” and not “Creepy” realm?

And now, Item #2….

Yesterday I took Violet to the dentist for the first time. And this picture is undeniably in the cute realm.

She was incredibly unafraid and well behaved. So anyway, one of the things that our dentist does, apparently, is to let kids have a little fun at the scary dentist’s office and make a mold of their hand out of dental alginate.

I picked it up today and here’s what it looks like:

So part of this is cute. You can see the baby fat dimples on her knuckles, and her cute uncalloused hands. But then again, IT’S MY CHILD’S DISEMBODIED HAND CAST IN A GHOSTLY PALLOR REACHING OUT OF A TABLETOP TO EITHER PLEAD FOR HELP OR STRANGLE ME.

It’s really rather disconcerting.

Also, it’s not like I can throw it away. IT’S MY CHILD’S HAND!!!!!

So I guess I’m going to tuck it away somewhere so I don’t have to look at it all the time and I’ll give it to her when she moves away to college so she can say, “Uh! Disgusting! Why in the hell did you keep this?” or maybe she’ll say, “Awesome! This will totally freak out my new roommate”, or maybe just, “Yeah that’s nice. Moving on, can I have $10,000.00? That’s how much a taco costs these days.”

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1 Response to Cute or Creepy

  1. Hilarious post, Allison! I was laughing out loud at this one. And: I love the hand! Seriously. I don’t find it creepy. I feel like there would be a special nook somewhere in your home to showcase it. I mean, it coordinates with your decor, no? 🙂

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