Notes on Vi and other stuff

I realize I haven’t posted/written about Hazie in a while, so I’ll need to do that soon. Hazie is doing well; walking, saying simple words like “ball”, “bubble” and “shoe”, and generally being a sweet kid.

Vi has really taken off in the last couple months though. She’s forming more complete sentences with proper tense and pronouns, and her spatial relations and focus are becoming more advanced.

Two quick anecdotes –

The other night, as Jack was putting Vi to bed, she hid behind the reading chair in the dark. Jack asked her if she was indeed, hiding.

“Yes,” she said.

“What are you hiding from?” he asked.

“A ghost, a bear, and a honeybee,” she replied.

I love to picture that threesome traveling around to different children’s bedrooms. What a great and scary threesome.Two, partially bonded by their mutual love of honey, the other, just an ethereal floater-on of sorts.

Also, today was one of the rare San Francisco days when it is hot. Like all of 80 degrees hot. Whoa!!!!

I had to take the kids to Target to buy a $1 lawn sprinkler and ended up spending $300 on sundries. Such is the way of the Target. But one reason I went all corporate this morning is because they have dual seat shopping carts. Otherwise, I can’t buy a bunch of stuff with both kids.

And it’s still a race. I came prepared with snack bags and color-coordinated (purple and green) beverage containers stashed in my purse, but by the end, both kids were screaming with rage and thrashing like line-caught tunas against the nylon seat straps.

So I rushed down an aisle, hurriedly unloading the cart to get out of there as quickly a possible. I happened to get into a lane “manned” or better said, “conducted” by a check-out person I have seen before who is either a transvestite or a transexual, male to female. Not that this would surprise a gal like me from S.F., but it is notable as the Target is in Colma, not the city proper. So I merely remembered him/her. Didn’t catch the name tag, so I’m not sure which pronoun to utilize, no disrespect intended.

(Before I continue, ask yourself, how many checkout persons do you remember? Like, not the ones at your local corner store, but like big corporate stores? i remember one German-accented woman from the old Cala Foods on Mission who used to make fun of customers by mimicking them, and a bagger at the Potrero Hill Safeway named “Titor”.

Yup. That’s what her name tag said, Titor.

In no way do I want to be misunderstood here. I am, in no way, making fun of people with mental disabilities. I’m not even making fun of the name “Titor”, per se. It is just that I have to question the wisdom of the type of parents who would name a daughter “Titor”. It is a vile name. Plus, if you are a female, African-American, mentally disabled person working with the public, it seems like a cruel thing to toss an appellation such as “Titor” on top. But I remember her also because she was extremely cheerful and helpful, which is a lot more than I can say about most service workers I run into. So keep on truckin’ Titor.

(But I digress)

Anyway, so we’re in Target today and adam-appled blue-eyelinered checkout person is assisting us and he/she asks as a greeting how we are doing today. Violet, who is at that point, going apoplectic, stops for a moment and responds,


Then she immediately joins Hazel in screaming again.

Which is funny enough.

I do everything I can to calm them down, but we are just that annoying “mom with a shrieking set of kids in Target” at that point, and there’s nothing I can do.

So when I’m handed the receipt, the checkout person says,

“Okay, beh-bye now.”

And Violet stops for one moment, begins parade-waving to all around and says,

“Beh-bye, beh-bye,” oh-so-sweetly.

Then she starts screaming again.

And that was my morning.

Luckily the afternoon was full of daisies and bubbles and jumping in sprinklers and spotting airplanes in the sky, and blowing dandelions, and rolling up in the parachute, and planting a ceramic mushroom garden for the fairies. So it turned out okay after all.

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1 Response to Notes on Vi and other stuff

  1. Jennypop says:

    haha! line caught tunas! great visual!!

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