Making Lemons (poop and pee) into Lemonade (ice cream)

Not poop and pee ice cream. I’m talking about turning our disastrous potty-training weekend and expensive consultation with a developmental expert into something positive and fun.

I spent $145 today for a lady to tell me that Violet was fine and to back off the potty training and that she would do it when she was ready. Sigh. That’s like, so “Noe Valley Parent” to have that happen to one.

I tried to take advantage of having a little mama-and-Violet alone time after our appointment while Hazie was with the babysitter though. We got a new toy with wooden beads and strings to practice making necklaces, and I got her some ice cream, and took her to the pet store where she got to hold a parakeet. It was nice to be on our own for a little bit.

It’s hard to let go and just believe that she’ll be ready for school. I like to have agendas and checklists and it’s difficult to just let these developmental stages to happen without my control.


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1 Response to Making Lemons (poop and pee) into Lemonade (ice cream)

  1. Yum, Ice Cream! How much did she love holding a parakeet??? Sounds like it turned into a nice day…you’ll get there with the rest of it!

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