Magic Springtime

It finally stopped raining for a bit, and I took the girls out to gather up dandelions to feed the rabbits, then put together a tiny spring bouquet for the table.

There are a bunch of dried up agapantha blooms out there that are brittle enough to be broken off. I told the girls that they were magic wands and they had fun for a whole hour hitting each other on the head and saying “Keen!” (Queen), as if they were violently and repeatedly crowning one another.

We also found out late last night that we got into our first choice pre-school. It’s been a long haul of looking, applying and hoping. I’m relieved just to know WHERE it is we’ll be spending the next four years (between Violet and Hazel) learning and working.

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1 Response to Magic Springtime

  1. So much fun to be found in that backyard garden jungle! It will be such a wonderful playground.

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