I’m back!

It’s been a blur lately. Visitors, kid’s classes, birthday parties, preschool interviews, kid illnesses, and even a tiny bit of time spent on my book project has meant neglect of Partial Disclosures. Such is the blog of a multi-tasking mother.

My youngest baby is now a toddler! Hazel turned one on Valentines Day, and I’ve got photos to share.

Yes, I slaved over this three-tiered heart-shaped cake

-on her new teeter-totter with Violet

Also, I’ve finished compiling her monthly photos, taken on the 14th of every month for the first year. The photos were taken at the 3 different houses we lived in last year, so there was no getting the light quite the same, but you can still see the amazing progression throughout the year.

I’ve finished up her photo album and sent it off to be printed, so next up is finishing some home movies, which I’ll post. Then I’ve got to buckle down and really dedicate what little time I have to my book project. It’s coming along so slowly, at this rate I’ll be seventy before it’s half done.

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1 Response to Hello!

  1. Such a wonderful birthday celebration! These photos are wonderful! She’s a sweet little cupcake!

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