Let’s just say you’re replacing a glass Febreze “Noticeables” refill, and you happen to drop it, and it smashes and breaks onto your wood floor and splashes up onto your jeans. “Noticeable” is going to become a hilarious understatement very quickly.

Quickly, as in you’re gonna wanna rip out every one of the hairs in your nostrils in the hope of removing the scent of “Falling Leaves”.

You’ll want to take off your jeans immediately and burn them on the bbq, even if all the neighbors see you in your unflattering underwear.

You’re gonna want to rip out the floor boards and scrub them down with sulfuric acid.

You’re gonna hope for gale force winds in the forecast so you can open up all the windows to get the smell out.

So, I’m just saying, be careful with those Noticeables people. Them’s one slip away from becoming arsenals of misery.

Falling Leaves, indeed! They’re just falling, and falling and falling and falling and falling and……..

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1 Response to Noticeable

  1. Jean says:

    hoo,hoo, ha, ha, ha. This will remain funny for a long time, changing the old adage to: Tragedy plus time equals days and days of humor!

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