Living Room

And here’s the finished Living Room. The lens makes one of the frames seem crooked, but, well, there you go…I’ve also posted a close-up of the wallpaper. I’ll post close-ups of the other wallpapers later…

Here’s what the concept looked like. I ended up buying the exact chair and coatrack but put them in the music room, (still to come), but did buy the couch and wire end table shown. I bought the pouf in a different color but put it in our bedroom (also still to come). We bought a similar piano for the music room too.


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2 Responses to Living Room

  1. Oooooh my god. I can’t even express how spectacular this is. The bats! The venus fly traps! […] I just keep scrolling up to stare. It’s gorgeous.

  2. P.S. I meant the entire room, not just the wallpaper. Seriously can’t. stop. staring.

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