Why does Fox News applaud the Tea Party for protests and excoriate those who would have corporations pay back their bailouts?

Why is it that my chihuahua has been dropping chalupas in my kid’s room every day?

Why does my kid, with the smallest bit of exposure to “The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” start handing me the remote in the morning and yelling “MOUSE!!!!”

And why does my girl ignore all the toys in the waiting area at the super-cool Mexican kids haircutting salon with the chairs that are shaped like cars and only play with the booby-exposed Barbie rip-offs in their hoochie-mama-reggaeton get-ups?

Why have both my girls synced the exact times when they poop?

Why are they cutting money for school teachers and raising tuition for Cal Students while continuing Fleet Week so that a bunch of F15’s can unsettle my afternoons for a week?

Finally, why is it that in the last two years, “Winter’s Bone” and “True Grit” have been my favorite movies?

Answer: Pretty much, same movie.

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3 Responses to Why

  1. Olivia says:

    Much enjoyed 🙂

  2. armuir says:

    OMG. I’m the new cranky Andy Rooney. Ranting and complaining…

  3. You are too funny!
    PS…please forgive me for commenting via my fb account. I’d be ashamed is it wasn’t so darned convenient.

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