It never ends with these people. Because they FINALLY admitted they couldn’t give us service and they FINALLY credited our account, it apparently cancelled our auto billing. Really?!!!! Why does this happen?

“Oh yeah,” said the lady when I called. “That always happens when there’s an adjustment to the account.”

Doesn’t AT&T have like, computers?

We’re in the midst of wallpapering. Reveals to come I swear. I just want to put some art up first. But as I put it to my sisters, “I wonder our neighbors will say when they see our house newly decorated with magic mushrooms, pentagrams, rats, fire hydrants, venus flytraps, artichokes, parking meters, pigeons and bats.”

I do feel like I wanted to though; like a cross between Pippi Longstocking and Morticia Addams.

In other news, looks like I’m behind the curve on getting Vi signed up for preschool. I had to rush around last night to get her an interview to start NEXT FALL. It’s a co-op where I’ll be working the and STILL the interview, for a girl who is not yet 2, is 5 HOURS, and at that point we only find out if we get to APPLY. Aye yi yi. This town. I tell you.

At least we’re not applying for the full-time private preschools which are 40k a year. So, so, so, much more than my college cost….




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1 Response to Disconnect

  1. Perpetua says:

    I know that this was a computer-based change to your account, but part of me wonders if there was also a happy human behind the scenes, looking at the past due notice. Bastards.

    Can’t wait to see the house, as well as hear about how you decorate/wallpaper/paint with two children. Our house is still its original cheap-waxy-chocolate-brown, which makes me cringe a little every time I see it, which is every time I walk around with my eyes open.

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