Just like I thought. The housekeeping staff at Chez Stephenson has been instructed not to sign for things while the masters are away gambling ill-gotten AT&T monies in Monte Carlo.

In the meantime, I got ahold of the Regional Director for customer service and forwarded her a link to this site, and we got pretty quick, if totally ineffective service. In the end, after more than 15 visits by AT&T technicians, not including the 5+ appointments that were made by AT&T which no one ever showed up for, it was decided, (after the guy who came to look at the line going to the pole was cajoled by Jack and I into ACTUALLY CLIMBING UP THE POLE TO LOOK AT THE LINE), that they couldn’t actually provide the speed that they had promised and were charging us for.

Good thing that I have a husband who knows about these things and can actually confirm that we are getting the internet speed advertised and billed to us. Those of you out there with Uverse, try to find someone who can do this for you. Chances are, you’re getting overcharged. Hopefully you won’t have to deal with upwards of 40 people (including customer service people over the phone) only to confirm this.

At least we got AT&T to finally admit we were not getting full service and a promise of a refund and an adjustment to our monthly bills. We’ll see if this actually occurs.

So anyway, onto the next battle, whatever it may be. I’m sure it will be great fun.

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