Well, that’s what I expected. The letter was sent, but Randall was too busy in the Bohemian Grove to get it.  I sent an email to another woman. Internet still slow. Still no response. My brother-in-law noted that AT&T’s slogan “Rethink Possibility” really is ambiguous as to whether it’s a positive statement. I didn’t think it was possible to screw up so badly. The possibility is a probability that it’s going to suck.

But good things…

Beautiful pictures from our family reunion in Tahoe.

Yellow nose on Vi from sniffing dandelions in our backyard…

And bad things….Violet figured out how to climb out of her crib. So we put in the kid rail so she wouldn’t fall, but can climb in and out herself. Now I have to take all the diapering stuff out when I put her down to bed or for a nap for fear that she’ll get ahold of the nail scissors or the Desitin again.  She pulls down every book from her room and every piece of clothing out of the drawers every time I put her to bed. She also wails “Mamaaaaaa!” and rattles the doorknob like a tiny little wraith.

But Hazie is gorgeous and sweet. Even if she is waking up 3-4 times a night still.

The wallpaper is due to arrive tomorrow. New furniture next week. I’m looking back to my original concept for the master bedroom. It’s wildly different from what I first pieced together…

So even though I haven’t got the finishing touches up on the room, the first reveal is coming up…..I’m calling it “HodgePodgeMahal”.

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  1. Helene 33 says:

    Can you guys just leave so I can house sit?

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