Screw You, Elton John

So, I’ve been looking at a number of movies for decor-inspiration for the new house. Had one of my best pals up a few weekends ago, and we watched the original 1967 version of “Dr. Dolittle”. Major inspiration. Victorian, yet mod; just what I want.

I actually said, “Oh God, if I could only find a piece of art featuring the Giant Pink Sea Snail!”

And then my pal Lomo sends me an email a few days later that Debbie Effing Reynolds of all people is auctioning off. The above original concept painting was made by the studios for the movie. I did not know this, but she is one of the biggest collectors ever of movie memorabilia. We’re talking Judy Garland’s dress and the ruby slippers from “The Wizard of Oz”. We’re talking Marilyn Monroe’s white subway dress. We’re talking Maria’s dresses, and the guitar and the curtain outfits from “The Sound of Music”. We’re talking Elizabeth Taylor’s golden ceremonial headdress from “Cleopatra”. Incredible. You must take a look at the catalog of the auction that happened yesterday. My mom and I spent over an hour oohing and ahhing over the amazing pieces. Violet had fun joining in by repeatedly running up to the computer screen and yelling, “OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”

Anyway, I decided that it was kismet that made the piece go up for auction so soon after I had desired its existence, and so with Jack’s blessing, I put a few bids in. meow. I wasn’t in the running very long before it got too rich for my blood.

I was trying to figure out the type of person who was eccentric enough to want to spend serious cash on that type of artwork, and I imagined that I was probably bidding against Elton John.

I could just hear his internal monologue while online. “Gay, gay, gay… related to gay…Judy Garland, Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor, hold on….Tiny Dancer! What do we have here? Giant Pink Sea Snail from Dolittle? Bid. Outbid. Outbid. Outbid. Outbid. Outbid. David! Start making room on the wall of the basement toilet in in the pool house! I don’t care what you do with George Michael’s framed Wham!!! short-shorts…chuck ’em David, we have a Giant Pink Sea Snail incoming!”

So anyway, that did not work out. If any of you happen to have a stash of Rex Harrison’s old crap and you come by any Giant Pink Sea Snail artworks, please give me a holler.

Other than that, we are getting the keys to the new house next Friday and a whole new chapter of organization begins. Hooray. Moving is a welcome certainty though. No stock prices to worry about. No loan forms to fill out. No brinksmanship with other buyers/sellers. You just move crap. You pick it up, and you move it and that’s that.

In other news, Violet officially became a toddler this week. It’s “No, No, No, No, No!!!”( in the the sassiest tone ever) and “Poo, Poo, Poo, Poo”. It’s especially fun to be on with the phone robot for twenty minutes trying to get to the right menu for one’s credit card that will allow one to change one’s billing address when one’s toddler yells “No!” and the phone robot boots one right back to the beginning. Hilarious.

I’m hoping this week for that event which, so like a unicorn, is exceedingly rare, evasive, and when obtained, utterly magical. I’m speaking of course about the elusive extra-long double kid nap….

Mood boards to come….

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1 Response to Screw You, Elton John

  1. Lomo says:

    Sorry about the painting, A – stupid Elton John!! Oh but isn’t that catalog AMAZING? They had a public viewing of the auction items but I missed it, boo!!

    My nephew is hitting his terrible twos as well, his answer to every single question is “NO,” except if you ask him if he wants a cookie. Then his whole attitude changes.

    Miss you guys, congrats on getting the keys!!! Can’t wait to come back up and check out the new digs. xoxo


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