Settling into Suburbia

We are more or less unpacked at my parents’ in the suburbs. And despite my dad turning on Fox News, things have been pretty good. My folks have helped out a ton with the kids, and installed a safety fence around their pool, and made a whole play area for Violet on the lower part of their deck. She’s enveloped in the branches of an oak tree, playing in the new kitchen set they bought for her or swinging on the tree swing (now called the “Weeeeee”) while looking at bluejays, quail, squirrels and deer. She loves the extra attention she’s getting and all the extra space.  I love watching her copying my mom sweeping the oak leaves off the deck with her little broom, or pretending to cook my brother’s old He Man on her play grill.

I have to say, my parents have done an incredible amount to welcome us in, letting us take over half their garage for storage,  and allowing barking, pooping animals, screaming children to run amok in their normally peaceful house.

We’ve even  had to set up a series of toddler barriers around the house including normal baby gates and credenzas mixed with pillows that have made a blockade like something out of Les Miserables. My poor parents are now forced to find detours and do high-steps all around their house. My mom actually can’t get over them when wearing a skirt, so she has to go outside and then back into different parts of the house through different doors.

It takes Vi forever to get up and down stairs as she wants to do it herself. My mom taught her to grab onto the railings with both hands as she goes. With each step she says “Up, Up, Up,” or “Down, Down, Down”.  Every time we go down the hallway filled with framed family photos, (“The Wall of Shame” as I like to call it), she points and says “Mama, Mama, Mama”.

This last week she said “Cheese” and “Wawa” (water) for the first time, and she’s also been saying a lot of “Beeyo Beeeyo Beeeyo.” We don’t know what that means, but Jack has been talking like Donald Duck to her a lot, which she has been trying to imitate (HAVE TO GET THAT ON VIDEO), so maybe she’s trying to say “Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy” just like Donald.

Hazel continues to be the smiliest baby in Universe. She wants to be held all the time, but I really did want a snuggle bug this time around, so it’s okay, especially with the extra hands around. She also has really advanced hand-eye coordination, and is already trying to turn over.

The kids are thriving, but I do feel displaced.

Jack got an Xbox with a Kinect to give me something new to do during my “down time”. My mom and I have been having fun with it, especially with Dance Central. She even convinced me not to have my avatar be on “fat”.  Post-pregnancy dieting is also a bummer…

And it’s weird to live with my parents again. I almost lived away from them as long as I ever lived with them.

So it’s been a weird combo of relaxation due to space and amenities mixed with high anxiety over house selling, being away from Jack, post-partum sadness, having our stuff scatterered all over and not seeing any houses I like on the market.

Our first open house is next weekend. I hope things work out in the end. For now, I’m going to try to be nicer to myself and just be glad that I’ll have a pool and hot tub to hang out around all summer.

We spoke to Jack’s mom over the phone for mother’s day today and found out that she bought a light-up hula hoop so she can perform at the half-time show at the roller derby. My mom’s out tonight teaching a sex-ed class. I think my kids have some pretty cool grandparents.

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1 Response to Settling into Suburbia

  1. Helene 33 says:

    Amazing grandparents! I’m getting excited to hang out with you all summer!

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