Why is it….?

Why is it that the combination of Violet having a massive diaper blow-out and the discovery that we are out of baby wipes always prompts the mail man to start banging on our door like the place is on fire?

Today’s wrinkle: Violet inexplicably began shouting “ASS!!!! ASS!!! ASS!!! ASS!!!” as it all went down. She has never before said this word. Why today?

And why is it that I haven’t learned that giving her a food I think she’ll hate so she’ll stop begging for it will get me nowhere?

It didn’t work with whole wedges of lemon. Why should I be surprised that she’s a fan of kombucha?

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2 Responses to Why is it….?

  1. Helene 33 says:

    Ass!? Wow, I’m going to start watching my mouth around her and using expressions like, “Shut the Front Door”.

  2. Auntie G says:

    On the positive side of things, albeit a little “street”, Violet was accurately describing the situation as concisely as you could hope for.
    Also, your annoying mailman is so absent minded, he probably didn’t notice a thing. Lastly, it’s going to be an excellent ice-breaking anticdote for future use. File it under: hilariously inappropriate things my adorable kid says.

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