Pippi Style

Jack watched the original 70’s Swedish “Pippi Longstocking” movie with me the other night and actually enjoyed it.

My mom says that she always thought Pippi was incredibly annoying, but I think she’s a great hero for little girls. She’s incredibly strong, brave, independent, and caring.

We’re on the hunt for a bigger house. The dream would be to get something Villa Villekulla-esque.

At the very least, I’ll keep Pippi’s interiors in mind as inspiration when we do get a new place.

The other inspiration is the Addams Family House.  I love the taxidermied Polar Bear. That raises some ethical questions though. There is a place on the interweb though, lifesizestatue.com, which has fiberglass ones for sale…

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5 Responses to Pippi Style

  1. Olivia says:

    You are quite talented with papier mâché- perhaps you could make your own polar bear without compromising your ethics.

    Were you inspired by The Big Orange Splot? My kids want to paint ours now but not sure the HOA would go for it…

  2. Jack says:

    One polar bear, coming right up.

  3. LoMo says:

    I agree with your mom. I always thought Pippi was incredibly irritating. That being said, her house was pretty cool!

  4. Auntie G says:

    I am a fan of Pipi’s hairdo. I’m sure with a little wire and some patience, I could wrangle Vi’s hair into something similar, though on a much smaller, less red scale.
    I agree with Olivia on your papier mâché abilities and think that it might be a wonderful project when the girls are in 4th grade. That way they can help with the clean-up AND manufacture.

  5. Sheshee Mom Tipton says:

    I decided to start from the beginning here. SOOO – It’s March 2011 and I’m noticing some resemblances between the Addams Family house and your rich house. No – I just looked again – it’s the Pippi house that resembles yours. Can’t wait to see it. And I am looking forward to reading your blogs.

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